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Shine Your Light Bright Journal

Shine Your Light Bright Journal

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Many of us struggle with devoting time to God, much less finding time to disciple our kids. This journal was inspired alongside our ‘little girl, big light’ tee. Designed to help us be intentional in our lives. By either sparking conversations in everyday wear, or by taking time to reflect or draw about our day.

Enjoy our 100 page journal. We included verses for reference and examples for intentional reflection. It allows space to reflect each day on ways we let our light shine for Jesus. Why 100 pages? It can take anywhere from 18-254 days for something to become a habit. On average it takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. It is our hope & prayer that 100 days will give ample time to form a new habit of letting our light shine & reflecting Jesus.

Not only does this make a great gift for your little one, but will work for all ages. The examples listed can be executed at almost any age. Plus it includes 100 pages of space to either write or draw each day. Depending on your mood or age level.


  • 100 pages of space for writing or drawing
  • Verses for reflection on shining our light
  • Inspiring ways we can shine our light

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